i am 16teen, i must talk about love

i am not lover guide to talk about your love, or my love, supa love. kay tetibe lagu TEEN TOP pulak. dah ramai member aku cerita pasal BF mereka mereka ni. = =" conclusion dia diorang cakap diorang cepat boring dengan awek sendiri TAUU. kay, kalau kau sayang, takde istilah kau nak boring boring ni. tu orang kate, kau bercinta just nak ade title "in a relationship" kan? after aku clash dengan someone tahun lepas memang macam haremm. speechless and regret.semua ade. now on, aku tak nak ade sesiape, minat je mampu. :) kay, aku tak malu pun kalau kau nak cakap aku takde boyfriend ke ape. at least tak tipu and for what kau nak menipu bende macam tu? i think , bende tu one day aku boleh terima kot. bukan masa aku lagi.


My love for you reaches past the furthest planet,
Burns stronger then the sun,
Will last longer then eternity.

For you I'd travel to the moon and back,
Climb the tallest tower,
Fight the largest army.

You are my friend,
My companion,
My lover
My soulmate.

You are my reason to live,
My elixir of life,
Without you I'm nothing,
With you I'm a superhero.

my superhero will get it one day.  />
da puass? komen laa sikedd. ihihi

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